Is ray j dating connie deveaux

The last 10 minutes of the show featured season 1 winner, Cocktail aka , coming on the show to warn season two winner- Mz Berry aka Connie Deveaux , about the womanizing ways of Ray J.

Things got particularly heated when Ray J joined both ladies on stage , and got into a shouting match with Cocktail, even accusing her of bedding other women after she accused him of being unfaithful during their brief relationship.

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There's all kinds of shit in my house that I've never tasted in my life, like Cristal-stuff I couldn't afford back when I was drinking. Considers himself a close friend and admirer of British actor Michael Caine.

All I'd have to do is walk in the closet, open a beer, and no one would know, but I know that I probably wouldn't stop at one beer.

Mz Berry followed him, and so did Cocktail, as the two continued their argument backstage.

The reunion show then ended abruptly and we the viewers never even got to know the status of Ray and Mz Berry’s relationship.

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